Sunday, July 24, 2011

Montegrappa - Elmo

No, it's not named after the furry creature from Sesame Street.

Elmo is the Italianisation of the name of one of Montegrappa's founders, Austrian Heinrick Helm. When the company was found in 1912, it was call Elmo Montegrappa.

Although the name Elmo disappear as time passes. It was used repeatedly on prestigious  models of fountain pens made of celluloid, ebonite and precious metals.

1940's Elmo pen

This Elmo Collection is a reproduction of the Elmo models of the 1940s. Identical in shape and size, the Elmo Collection is embellished with sterling silver trims and clip.

The Elmo models are made of a special resin with the composition of different colors producing a very pleasant mosaic effect. The models come in 3 colors: Bassano, Marostica and Asolo.

Bassano (Beige/Maroon) - A reminder of the typical stones of the Brenta river as well as the flooring of  typical Bassanese houses.

Of all the 3 pens, I like this color the most. In fact it is the first piece I bought.

Marostica (Red) - The city most famous for its bi-annual chess matches with live figurines located a few kilometers from Bassano, surrounded by stone walls still intact and dominated by 2 castles.

This color is the most vibrant of the 3. It does reminds me of cherry candy bar.

Asolo (Blue/Green) - A name derived from the medieval village surrounded by the greenery of the Treviso hills.

The blue and green resin produce the effect of marble stone.

The Elmo collection is not a limited edition. It is a normal production and each color comes in fountain  pen and rollerball. Sadly, the collection was discontinued.

It is such a joy to blog about this pen which was keep in my drawer for a decade. It takes quite some time for my to dig them out and let them show their vibrant colors again. Unfortunately the pen case are in bad shape. Their outer skin has disintegrate into dust.


  1. It seems this 3 colors are favor of many. Visconti has a set using the same 3 colors.

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